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Welcome to the Richmond Strat Baseball League! We're always looking for available managers in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Since Oct 1999  Hit Counter visitors

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We are always looking for interested Strat-o-Matic managers in the Richmond, Virginia area. Contact us here: RSBL Contact page

RSBL Calendar

SOM opening day - Friday, February 6th

RSBL AL Draft  - Friday, February 20th

RSBL NL Draft - Saturday, February 21st


What's New

1/7 - AL all time leaders, AL 2014 leaders, AL 2014 team stats

11/12 - League Meeting results, RSBL Manager list , RSBL Franchise list

11/5 - RSBL 2015 Rule Proposals

11/1 - 2014 Final Standings

9/8 - AL 81 game team stats, AL 81 game league leaders

Keith's trades, draft boards, & NL game leaders

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RSBL Managers

Jami Denton - Jaybirds
Jim Proffit - RoadRunners
Richard Deyerle - Tigers
Steven Deyerle - Tigers
Tim Turner - Taz Devils
Mike Parker - Rampage
Mike Thurston - T-Birds
Scott Thurston - Bison
Lewis Hughes - Mustangs
Curt Whiteley - Wonders
Don Leigers - Uncallables
Shane Stoots - Owls
Pat Manuel - Bulls
Randy Shavis - Whales
Earl Estes - Mallards
Keith Gilmore - Bimbos
Pat Jennings - Wizards
John Jimison - Jabberwocky
Jeff Easton - Venom
Adam Griffin - Knights
John Dent - RamRods
Justin Harmon
- RamRods
Fred Stoots - Colt45s
Craig Eddy - InsanEddy